for GST purposes, supply is defined as:
The quantity of a good available to meet demand. Supply consists of inventories from previous production, current production, and expected future production. Because resources are scarce, supply creates demand. Only price must be determined. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
The quantity of a commodity that producers are willing to provide to the market at a given price. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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I. supply sup‧ply 1 [səˈplaɪ] verb supplied PTandPP [transitive]
1. COMMERCE to provide goods or services to customers, especially regularly and over a long period of time:

• In certain circumstances they will charge an additional amount when supplying agricultural goods and services.

supply something to somebody

• The company supplies products and services to the energy industry.

supply somebody with something

• The computer giant has agreed to supply Mitsubishi with mainframe and minicomputers.

2. to give someone something they want or need:

• Several pharmaceutical companies are supplying additional data and making recommendations on labeling.

• Financing was supplied by a syndicate of international banks.

supply somebody with something

• All employees were supplied with protective clothing.

  [m0] II. supply supply 2 noun supplies PLURALFORM
1. [countable] COMMERCE ECONOMICS an amount of something that is available to be sold, bought, used etc:

• The quality of the local labour supply has helped to keep his company growing.

• One-quarter of the nation's oil supply is shipped via the pipeline.

• Coal inventories at the end of March were 390,000 metric tons, a 14-day supply.

• During times of rapid growth demand for aircraft maintenance resources also tends to outstrip supply.

ˌinelastic supˈply [countable] ECONOMICS
when a large change in the price of something results in only a small change in the supply of it
2. be in short supply if something is in short supply, very little of it is available:

• Pricing information is in short supply because computer makers don't like to talk about the latest trends.

• The building projects are behind schedule and construction materials in desperately short supply.

3. water/​gas/​electricity etc supply a system that provides water, gas etc:

• The public water supply company said the charge was related to its environmental testing laboratory.

— see also money supply
4. [uncountable] COMMERCE the act of supplying something:
inelastic supply of

• There were some difficulties in the supply of raw materials.

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supply UK US /səˈplaɪ/ verb [T]
PRODUCTION, COMMERCE to provide materials, or goods and services: supply sth to sb/sth »

They supply parts to the automotive industry.


Electrical power is supplied by underground cables.


We supply systems for clients on the Pacific rim.

to give something that is needed to someone or something: supply sb/sth with sth »

All employees are supplied with safety equipment.


They were not able to supply us with the relevant data.

supply UK US /səˈplaɪ/ noun (plural supplies)
[C or U] an amount of something that is available for use: a supply of sth »

The world's supply of agricultural land is shrinking fast.


We do not have an unlimited supply of money available for this project.


Extensive mining has reduced the supplies of coal in the area.


a limited/unlimited supply


to ensure/boost/restrict the supply


Across the economy, it seems that demand for viable CEO candidates exceeds supply.

Compare DEMAND(Cf. ↑demand) noun
[U] the act of providing something: »

They have been asked to tender for the supply of cleaning materials to all the company's offices.

gas/electricity/water supply — Cf. water supply
supplies — Cf. supplies
See also EXCESS SUPPLY(Cf. ↑excess supply), INELASTIC SUPPLY(Cf. ↑inelastic supply), IN SHORT SUPPLY(Cf. ↑in short supply), MONEY SUPPLY(Cf. ↑money supply)

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